Global Nomads: Cultural Bridges for the New Millennium (2001 Wu)

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"An important tool for global nomads to better understand their story"

- Ruth Van Reken 


"You try to take the best parts of every culture that you've been in, and you shape a culture of its own, and...that's more satisfying than to have to identify with just one. Especially today when there's more and more clash between people from different cultures, it becomes kind of a restriction, and maybe that's the best part of our culture, that it's not restrictive."

- Marianne, global nomad

Used by international high schools, universities and international
 associations including NAFSA: Association for International Educators,
 Global Nomads: Cultural Bridges for the New Millennium has been a
 resource for high student orientation, professional training, 
intercultural courses, university residence life and international
 student services departments.

Produced in May 2001 at Cornell University, Global Nomads was filmed
 on six college campuses with the assistance of panel organizers Norma
 McCaig, Julia Findlay, Ann Cottrell, Alfred Flores, Karen Edwards, and
 members of the Global Nomads Special Interest Group of NAFSA:
 Association for International Educators.

The video features experiences and insights of global nomad students
 from a variety of backgrounds, who discuss the benefits and challenges
 of having an internationally mobile upbringing. Topics explore transition and adjustment, cultural identity and marginality,
 friendships and relationships, commitments and roots, decision-making
 and developmental stages. The video includes implications of a 
globally mobile lifestyle, courses of action, and recommendations for
 various audiences.

One major resource for the field - a powerful work in which a group of
 both expatriate and repatriating students from five different academic 
institutions share the benefits and challenges of their heritage and
 their hopes for the future.

- Norma McCaig, founder, Global Nomads International

Alice Wu has once more done a masterful job of capturing the heart and 
soul of the Global Nomad experience through her use of interviews and
 discussions with those of many backgrounds and various nationalities.
This video is an important tool not only for Global Nomads to better 
understand themselves, their story, and how to use it well , but is a 
great instrument for those who work with them as well. I recommend it

-Ruth E. Van Reken, co-author, Third Culture Kids: The Experience of 
Growing Up Among Worlds

This video is succinct, poignant, and honest.  It very accurately
 captures the complexity of this way of life and allows insights into
 the enriching life of a global nomad without glossing over the pain
 and heartache. It is an excellent resource for global nomads and those
 who wish to understand them a little better.

- Beate Killguss, Woman Abroad


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