Sinhala - Colloquial Sinhala, Part 1

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Colloquial Sinhala, Part I
Volume one of two volume course. This book is an introduction to the colloquial variety of Sinhalese, the kind used by everyone of all social and educational levels in conversation. It represents primarily a variety spoken by educated speakers of the south-western coastal regions, but dialect differences are sufficiently small for it to be understood anywhere, and one who learns it can quite easily adjust to the speech of other areas. Part one has twenty-four lessons, each containing a conversation, a grammar section, and exercises. Romanized transcription is used in the first twelve lessons. Sinhalese script is introduced in lesson five. Beginning with lesson thirteen, all new material is written in Sinhalese script. 

Authors: Gordon H. Fairbanks, James W. Gair, and M. W. Sugathapala De Silva
Print Length: 390 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 978-1579703363
Language Note: English and Sinhala
Publisher: Cornell University South Asia Program
Publication Date: 1993

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